Saxophone/Clarinet/Flute Lessons:

From beginner to advance both young and old all levels of proficiently are accepted. Learn Tone production and improve your improvisational skills. This is a fresh and fun approach to learning to playing the blues and other Musical forms so that you can perform with a contemporary ensemble. I teach both Classical and jazz styles and techniques. Learn how to approach jazz ( study) and play standards the way pros do. Topics include 1) breathing 2) phrasing 3) Articulations 4) Scales 5) Chords 6) understanding chords symbols and their related scales 7) Melodic and harmonic analysis plus many more advanced topics.

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1hr - $50
1/2hr - $30

Functional Piano lessons:

This is a GREAT method to learning to play the piano without having to take years of formal piano lessons. If you just want to play your favorite melodies and harmonies and accompany yourself at the piano then functional piano is for you. This is a excellent approach to learning to play the piano for vocalist/ actors/ songwriters and instrumentalist who either want to accompany themselves and explore and even have the ability to create new progressions and melodies. Topics include. 1) Basic chord sound 2) Voice leading techniques 3) understanding chord symbols 4) Basic diatonic harmony 5) how to interpret a lead sheet. 6) Modification of a chord progressions 7) exchanging chords of similar functions. Plus many more topics.

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1hr - $50
1/2hr - $30

Solo Sax/Clarinet party for your event/venue:

I will play your event/venue with a GREAT sounding P.A. System and beautiful sounding backing tracks. You can chose your set-list for your event/venue and chose from smooth jazz hits-Motown-blues-pop-rock-Latin and much much more. Also outstanding Clarinet player for more intimate Musical settings like small tasting rooms you will be amazed by the beautiful sound this instrument ( Clarinet)

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